Bo Scheeringa | Photography
PEAT Lough Easky Easky bog, Ireland Turfcutting at the e Footing turf at the Cutting turf with a Bangor Erris Bog Cutover bog, traces Ballycroy National P Cutting with the buc Cutting turf with th National Park Ballyc Turfcutting with a L Turfcutting with a L Marking the turf Machine cut turf PEAT Grazing cows in Irel Turf stacks in the I Old cottage on the c Sheep graze on the r PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT PEAT Rows of peat in Irel PEAT Easky Bog 2013 PEAT Cooking in the peat PEAT Srahmore at Lough Fe PEAT PEAT PEAT
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